Bleu de Gex is the work of the monks of the Saint-Claude Abbey in Franche-Comté. The cheese is also known as Bleu de Septmoncel. It obtained a registered designation of origin (AOC) in 1977 before gaining a protected designation of origin (AOP) in 1996. It was introduced to the royal court of France in 1530 thanks to Charles V, a legendary cheese lover. The raw milk used to make this cheese is produced by Montbéliarde and Simmental breeds of cattle raised in the mountainous areas of Ain and Jura (Jura mountain range). The beige and light brown rind of this cheese is obtained through regular brushing. The name, “Gex”, is engraved on the rind. The ivory-colored paste is lined with a number of grayish blue veins.


4 ratings

Bleu doux, croûte sans goût particulier, goût qui reste en bouche. Très bon

Axel Tanaka

2 years ago

Mild blue cheese. Clearly not as popular as a Roquefort, nor as mysterious as a Termignon. Buuut, it makes a great cheese to mix in a raclette and deserves to be better known !

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