Traditional, unpasteurised, vegetarian, fresh cheese made from sheep's milk. Pure white and rindless, the cheese has a grainy appearance. It is usually sold in blocks or slices. It is used in salads, pastries and many local dishes. Beyaz Peynir is the most popular Turkish cheese. Vegetable rennet is used to clot the milk. The curds are pressed for a few hours, then roughly chopped and strained, sometimes in attractive wooden or woven moulds. After draining, the cheese is cut into slices before being salted and covered with brine. It is usually stored in brine for more than six months. This cheese resembles feta. It is soaked in cold water or milk before use, to remove the excess salt.


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a year ago

Formaggio tra la ricotta salata e la feta. Un pò acidulo, corpo abbastanza fermo e asciutto, ma non quanto la feta. Non particolarmente salato. Ottimo però in cucina per vari piatti e al forno (non fonde, anzi si arrostisce).

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