This cheese was created by Cypress Grove Chevre company in 1997 specially in a triangular prism shape since it is ideal for slicing unique portions and looks attractive on a plate. For producing 'Bermuda Triangle', the cheesemakers use pasteurised goat's milk. It is coated with a layer of edible black ash, sprayed with mould cultures and ripened / cold stabilized for several days before being sold in the market.When young, the interior of the cheese is chalky white in colour with a smooth, firm and slightly crumbly texture. As it ages, the paste below the velvety white bloom rind starts becoming softer, lucid, and ultimately runny. The cheese displays tart and tangy with intense pepper notes, which become assertive as it ages. Bermuda Triangle goes well with candied fruit, spicy nuts, and pears. This cheese has won many awards including First Place, American Cheese Society, 1998, 1999, 2002, 2013, 2014. sofi Awards, Perishable Food Service Product, 2013.


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8 months ago


2 years ago

Lisa Filemyr

2 years ago

Love this cheese. Creamy and mouth coating.

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