Beecher's Flagship is an American award winning cheese handmade at the Pike Place market in Seattle. The semi-hard cow's milk cheese is left to cave age for at least 15 months to develop a uniquely robust, nutty flavour and distinctive crumble.Flagship Reserve is a special version, which uses only last curds of the milk when its composition is just right. It is richer in taste & texture with a clean and creamy finish. In addition, the wheels are bandaged in cheesecloth and open-aged for over a year to allow optimum moisture loss during aging, focusing on the rich flavour with a long finish.Beecher's Flagship is an artisanal cheese that is served best on a cheese plate. Crumble into an omelette or frittata or add to make your favourite Mac & Cheese. Yule Käse is a unique version of Flagship Reserve cheese. The cheese is clothbound and aged for 13 months in open-air. In addtion, it is further aged in red wine and blackberry honey that gives nutty and caramel flavour with hints of honey and berries.


79 ratings

Albert Marquez

a month ago

The best cheese for grilled sandwiches. Just enough salty taste. Best cheddar I’ve had so far.


3 months ago

Horrible. Tasted like stale plastic.

Brie Samuels

3 months ago

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