Barry's Bay cheese factory on the Banks Peninsula in Canterbury, New Zealand, has many award winning cheeses to its credit. It is a traditional creamery, with cheeses handcrafted in the traditional style. It is the only factory, producing cloth bound cheddar, in the whole country. The cheese is made from fine milk, sourced from local, grass-fed cows. Barry's Bay Cheddar cheese is made in large cylinders that are lined with cheese cloth. The cheese is then pressed and left for drying on the shelves. During the drying period of two to three weeks on the shelf, the cylinders are turned, until a coating similar to sandpaper, or a rind, develops on the cheese. This cheese is then waxed and left to mature further. The aging process is for 18 months, reaching which, the flavour of the cheese intensifies and develops a unique identity. Barry's Bay Cheddar cheeses differ from each other, depending upon their age and flavour.


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Joshua Slack

3 years ago

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