Barricato al Pepe is made by the Moro family and comes from pasteurized cow’s milk. The wheels are first aged for a period of 4 months before being coated with Brazilian black pepper. It is then further aged into old oak barrels for 8 months that gives a nice crumbly, delicate flavoured end product. The peppercorns give the taste a bite which complements then natural buttery richness of the paste.  Barricato al Pepe pairs perfectly with an off-dry Gewurtztraminer or Riesling, or a brawny Zin.


1 ratings

meghan mccormick

3 years ago

This tastes like fresh peppercorn enfolded into parmesan. It was delicious and its a good snacking cheese. I did not rate this higher because to me it tasted like the parmesan and pepper that would put on top of a bowl of pasta.

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