There are two types of Appenzeller cheese: common (made with skim milk and brine-cured for 12 months and festive (full milk cured with brine as well as pepper and the sediment from the white wine-making process). The cheese originates in the north-eastern Swiss canton of the Appenzell near the Liechtenstein border but, today is also made in the canton of St Gallen (which is a siege of a special authority protecting a genuity of Appenzell). Appenzeller is sold in three varieties - "Classic". Aged 3-4 months (Silver label)- "Surchoix". Aged 4-6 months(Gold label)- "Extra". Aged 6+ months (Black label)


61 ratings


11 days ago

Jack Wilmith

22 days ago

Fantastically tangy, mature and nutty, very similar in taste to the Gruyere. Goes perfectly with full heavy, fruity wines like Primitivo, Rosso Siciliano or Noegroamaro.


a month ago

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