Anthotyros, also known as Anthotiro is a traditional Greek whey cheese prepared from unpasteurised sheep’s and goat's milk or mixtures. Regions of Macedonia, Thrace, Thessalia, Peloponissos, Ionian Islands, Aegean islands, Crete Island and Epirus have been producing this cheese for centuries. The name Anthotyros, literally translated means “flower cheese”, comes from the wafting aromas of wild herbs. Fresh Anthotyros or Anthotyro Fresco is dry, white, soft or medium hardness and has a sweet, creamy taste with no rind or salt. Due to its fresh and soft texture it can be eaten with honey and fruit at breakfast. A ladotyri of Anthotyros cubes packed in olive oil is also an excellent way to get flavour of the cheese. The cheese ripens between 3-4 days and is an ideal cheese for those following a low-fat diet. It is available in cone or ball shapes.

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