Anneau du Vic-Bilh is a type of cottage cheese produced in Bigorre, Pyrenees-Atlantiques region of France. The round shape of the cheese with 10 centimetres ring and 2 centimetres hole in the middle, makes it quite similar-looking to a donut. It is prepared from unpasteurised goat’s milk using animal rennet. The cheese rind is covered in charcoal to present a slightly blue colour. This handmade cheese, produced on farms in Foix in the Pyrenees, has a soft white pate with a nice balance of salt and acidity. Upon consuming, the cheese stimulates an earthy and nutty flavour with a rich creaminess. This uncooked and unpressed cheese has 45% fat. It pairs perfectly with Pacherenc and Chateau Montus Pacheranc Du Vic-Bihl Sec.

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