Alma Vorarlberger Bergkäse (10 months) is a traditionally produced hard cheese made from raw milk (cow's milk) coming from defined regions in Vorarlberg. It is manufactured exclusively by producers or processors, and farmers in the Bregenzerwald, Kleinwalsertal, Großwalsertal, Laiblachtal (Pfänderstock) and Rheintal regions of Austria. Vorarlberger Bergkäse contains 34% fat in dry matter and has a light brown, lubricated bark. The isolated, pea-cherry-sized eye formation is matt to shiny and evenly distributed throughout. Sometimes there are cracks in the dough as a result of extended maturation. The paste is flaky, cut resistant and is unpainted yellowish in colour. It is aged in cellars for at least 10 months, which thereby develops a distinct, strong flavour. A powerful Pinot Blanc or a fruity, delicate wine with good body (Burgundy, Blue Franc) harmonizes perfectly with the spicy flavour of Vorarlberger Bergkäse.This celebrated cheese has won many international awards including World Cheese Awards Super Gold 2012, World Cheese Awards Silver 2012, World Cheese Awards Gold 2013, World Cheese Awards Silver 2014, World Cheese Awards Bronze 2014 and Gold Kasermandl 2014.

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