Acapella is a soft goat's milk cheese produced by Andante Dairy, Soyoung Scanlan. A soft-repined cheese, comes in three varieties: 'Pyramid' has a truncated pyramid shape with a dry and firm texture weighing around 7-8oz. 'Round' weighs about 3oz having a small round shape with a soft and creamy texture. To give a classic French goat milk appearance with soft and creamy texture, Ash is added to 'Ashed Round' when salting. The cheese has a mild, buttery taste with a slight herbal aroma. It contains microbial rennet.  The cheese is served with White Burgundy.


2 ratings


a year ago

Soft but not runny goat cheese. Almost crumbles but it’s too soft. Nice solid goat flavor, very rich. Perfectly done.

Taste like you’re eating a fluffy cloud made out of goats milk. Paired it with fresh strawberries and nuts. Easy to spread on toast as a breakfast cheese.

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