The Abbaye du Mont des Cats cheese is made by monks in a monastery of the same name in the town of Godewaersvelde, in Northern France. Cow's milk from local farms is used and the milk is gently pasteurised for cheese production. The maturation process takes about 4 to 5 weeks. During this process it is washed with brine solution to encourage the Bacterium Linens mold. It is then dyed with roucou, a red dye, gained from anatto seeds. The texture is smooth and supple, with occasional holes in the cheese. The rind is orange-red in colour. The flavour is mild with subtle hints of milk and hay.


2 ratings


3 years ago

Old favorite from Fairway, good for pizzas and snacking


3 years ago

I loved the version with the beer used to wash during ripening.

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